Dalpiko fishery

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Leading producer of seafood in the Far East since 1991

unique recipies

Our technologists regularly improve the technologies for fish and seafood products manufacturing. 

wide product range

We make all kinds of fish and seafood products (canned food, preserves and dried products, etc.).

delivering to any location in russia

We send wholesale consignments of products to all regions of Russia. We will select a delivery method convenient for you and help you with the choice of assortment.

what we produce

light salted and smoked fish

seafood preserves

dried products

canned goods


seafood delicacies

free product samples

Take a sample of Dalpiko Fishery products! We send samples all over the country.

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over 30 grocery chains currently cooperate with us

For 30 years we have been supplying seafood and fish delicacies to all retail chains in the Far East.

always fresh


We prescribe in the contract that the products that the buyer will receive have a residual storage life of 70%.

production after application

We start production after you place your application. You get the freshest products.

delivery method of your choice

You choose how quickly the products will be delivered to your city. We will organize railway or air delivery.

check out the scale and equipment of our factory

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comfortable conditions for cooperation

A personal manager will work with you, who will make sure that all stages of the transaction go through promptly.

Delivery terms and the possibility of deferred payment are discussed with each buyer on an individual basis.

At your request, we will provide accompanying advertising documents: colorful catalogs and commercial photos that look great on billboards and signs.

Download the list of documents for execution of the contract

NATURAL PRODUCTS FROM sea of japan, sea of OKHOTSK AND bering sea


Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea are a few places where fishing still flourishes far from industrial zones and fish farms.

All our products are mined in ecologically clean regions of the Far East.


We give preference to direct purchase from fishermen and do not cooperate with intermediaries.

minimum amount of additives

We manufacture products using original proprietary technologies. We use a minimum amount of additives and a gentle mode of processing raw materials. All nutrients and vitamins are stored in the product.

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